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"Men have stopped customers on the street to tell them they smell good! In Seattle, that says a lot, because men don't really approach women here"
Amanda R (owner La Rousse boutique www.la-rousse.com )
Seattle, Washington

"It's one of the few lotions that doesn't irritate my eczema. And I like that the scent lingers on my skin."
April A.
Seattle, Washington

“WOW!  What a beautiful product. You have found a fan for life!”
Jen G.
St. Augustine, Florida

“I absolutely LOVE the product. The scent is so lovely I know I will be re-ordering frequently. It is one of my husband’s favorites now!”

Sharon N.
Palo Alto, California

I love your perfume!
Mary Balandiat
Nuts 4 Stuff Blog
Pittsburgh, PA 

“I got the lotion today!  It smells fantastic and makes my skin so soft. I love it!  It is as wonderful as expected. I will for sure be ordering more products!
Claire W.
Santa Clara, California

"It truly feels and smells divine! i ordered two bottles online as gifts and everyone loved it!"
Kirsten M.
Redmond, Washington

“My lotion arrived today - I love it and I can understand why my daughter does too!"
Candace H.
Earlysville, Virginia

"If I apply it at bedtime, I still have the soft jasmine fragrance on my skin in the morning".
Evy C.
Seattle, Washington

"My lotion arrived and I love it!"
Debbie S.
Allen, Texas

"Just wanted to let you know that I received the product.  I LOVE it!" 
Kelli S.
Ocean, New Jersey

"I received my lotion and I love it! Can’t wait to try the bath gel. Thanks so much."
Lonnie B.
Valrico, Florida

"I love the design of the pump bottle. Not only does it look great but it delivers the lotion without making a mess."
Jan D.
Cambridge, MA

I LOVE your body lotion and can't wait to try the shower gel and perfume!
Claire W.
Santa Clara, CA

I have been using the products and love them, especially the fragrance and also the consistency.
Wendy C.
Malibu, CA

I love your products. I am incredibly sensitive to most cosmetics -- I get headaches, rashes and generally they make me feel awful but both my husband and I love your products. He loves the lotion and I love EVERYTHING! :)
Joyce A.
Santa Cruz, CA

The body wash is so wonderful! I love it! My skin has never felt softer and it's not dry and itchy any more.. thanks so much for such a fab product! It smells great too!
Claire W.
Santa Clara, CA

I absolutely love the fragrance. I find it soft and romantic. Not at all overpowering. Makes me think of being on a tropical island in the early evening with blue/green waters, white/pink sand and a warm breeze blowing through the gardens. Just lovely.
Janice S.
Port Washington, NY

I received my order and I am very satisfied.  I was referred to kō through Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop.com—I was intrigued by organic products featuring jasmine and neroli, fragrances I love.  The result is clean, soft, and feminine.  Just wanted to give some positive feedback :-)
Ashley M.
San Diego, California

“I love your philosophy and can connect to it!”
Janna K.
San Diego, California

The organic lotion I ordered from your web-store is fantastic.  It is nourishing, hydrating and exquisite. My dry and weary hands appreciate the much needed TLC. 
Thanks for creating a fantastic product!
Audrey N.
Houston, Texas 

I would like to thank the originator of this marvelous fragrance! Not only is the lotion wonderfully hydrating, the fragrance actually relaxes me and helps me sleep. God bless you for these incredible products!!!
Beverly F.

I love the perfume!
Janet F.
Fort Lee, New Jersey

I received the perfume and I love it! I have two girls who love this perfume as well, although I try to not share J. It has a nice light airy scent that isn't over powering, which I like and I love that it is a nice natural scent.
Allyson N.
Hurdle Mills, North Carolina

I bought your natural perfume of jasmine and neroli. After using it I believe I'll definitely stick to purchasing it in the future :-) I just wanted to tell you how much I've enjoyed using the perfume.
Luvia L.