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kō denmark jasmine + neroli body lotion

most of us would be hard-pressed to recall an experiment we performed in high-school chemistry class, but henriette holst has made a career out of one. the assignment? create a soap from vegetable and plant oils like jojoba. her grade? 11 out of 13 (her school was in denmark). holst continued making the soap for family and friends through college and then, five years ago, turned her hobby into a business. the first product she sold - a jojoba-and-organic-aloe-juice lotion scented with jasmine and neroli flower oils - has developed a following around seattle. "i wanted a top notch moisturizing lotion for my sensitive skin that was free of artificial fragrance and preservatives", holst says. she spent two years researching essential oils, consulted an aromatherapist and chemist along the way, and drew on her danish roots to design the packaging.

april allison, an interior designer, says, "it's one of the few lotions that doesn't irritate my eczema. and i like that the scent lingers on my skin." evy cohen, a mother in seattle, seconds the praise for the scent: "if i apply it at bedtime, i still have the soft jasmine fragrance on my skin in the morning". and amanda rosenthal, owner of seattle's la rousse boutique, where the lotion is a best seller, loves that it's "more underground and special" than other products she's encountered and says the scent turns heads. "men have stopped customers on the street to tell them they smell good! In seattle, that says a lot, because men don't really approach women here" she says.

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