ko denmark

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henriette holst


natural skincare of a danish tradition

while growing up in the countryside of denmark, henriette gained a deep appreciation for nature and botanical formulations at an early age by helping her family craft scented natural bath products from the rose petals in their garden.

that fascination with nature remained close to henriette's heart even later studying international business in malaysia and china, where the exotic wild growing jasmine, neroli, and rose flowers further inspired her curious mind to beautiful scented possibilities. relentless dedication took root and evolved into passion, customizing her natural bath and body formulations. these three scents combined eventually became her signature scent of kō denmark.

embarking on a new life with her husband to seattle, henriette found herself working a demanding schedule in the high tech industry. a decade of long hours and stress started to take a toll on her skin. unable to find all natural products capable of restoring her dehydrated and tired skin, she drew upon her family's treasured skin care recipes to create a rejuvenation system that hydrated and nourished her skin back to health.

henriette's amazing transformation did not go unnoticed. soon her family and friends had her creating products for them as well. following the birth of her daughter, she knew it was time to share her creations for healthier skin with the rest of the world. since henriette lovingly nicknamed her newborn, kō, meaning "the little one," the name of kō denmark followed.

kō denmark products are gluten and gmo free made with only the purest ingredients of all natural plant and flower oils, tea extracts and fruit antioxidants without any risk of petrochemicals, parabens or sulfates.